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Fighting versus Martial Arts

Fighting versus Martial Arts (sport)
Every MMA, K1, UFC competition or sparing tournament out there pales in comparison to the speed, ferocity, and brutality of a real fight!!
For sure the competitors train hard, achieve a very good level of fitness, and become highly skilled at what they do. In their competitions and tournaments they risk injuries too, but competition events such as MMA, Martial Arts, UFC or Pride Fighting are first and foremost sporting events. These matches have rules that do not allow certain techniques outright or a change the way other techniques are applied.
On the other hand, on the street, particularly if you are a smaller or weaker combatant you need to use everything you can to get out of the situation with as few injuries as possible or in the least to SURVIVE!
So techniques like: eye gauging, biting, scratching, hair puling, striking the groin area, breaking joints and other very effective strikes may be exactly the right techniques to use in order to save your life.
But all those moves are too dangerous for the ring, tatami or cage. It’s also required that competitors challenge each other one at the time. Then there is protective gear, weight classes! Because bad guys rarely pick fights they don’t expect to win, you are likely to be attacked by someone larger or stronger than you in the street. On the street, fights rarely last more than a few seconds, but when they do, there is no stopping until it’s done, someone intercedes, or authorities arrive to break things up.
So on the street you win by surviving and this is what we’ll teach you in our Krav Maga classes. If you are looking for realistic self defence training then you should choose professionals. Choose Spartans Academy of Krav Maga the most knowledgeable and highly qualified academy in UK. You can train on following classes:
– Krav Maga Newcastle
Krav Maga York
– Krav Maga Washington
Krav Maga Leeds
– Krav Maga Cleethorpes
Krav Maga Sheffield
– Krav Maga Hull
Krav Maga Durham
– Krav Maga Exeter
Krav Maga Baia Mare (Romania)

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