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Krav Maga: A True Story

Thought I’d share this as it’s quite relevant to our training.

Situation that happened on Halloween night…

I was in a taxi rank queue outside train station in Hull and I was dressed as a vampire with make up on etc. and looking a bit weird…My wife also dressed as a vampire.

I’d had a few drinks but not too many (for once) as we’d been at our friends fancy dress party.

In the queue it got pretty nasty and nasty quite quickly. Two fights broke out for queue jumping and there was a guy punched in the back of the head and a few kicks to heads were thrown as it went to the ground. There were quite a few random guys jumping in to either help or because they wanted to let off some steam, it was hard to tell who was fighting who.

A few girls were screaming at their respective blokes to stay out of it, which I did as it had nothing to do with me. It seemed like all parties wanted to fight.

The guy who came off the worst out of it all went and said he was getting his mates to come back. I hadn’t heard this and wouldn’t have left anyway as we weren’t involved and had queued for an hour already.

He came back with 6 of his mates and I was at this point at the front of the queue. They were looking for these one or two guys and my wife explained they had gone in the previous taxis (she didn’t want them thinking it was me they were looking for). Then to my left quite unexpectedly one of them said “what are you smirking at” and boom he got me with a cheap shot in the jaw. I didn’t expect it and I stupidly thought as we weren’t involved I wouldn’t be on the receiving end of a punch.  He followed up and came in for more. I was a bit dazed, but managed to get my hands up at this point. He was still coming at me and was going for it so without thinking about it I delivered a groin kick which connected and threw a punch which fell short but he felt the kick and backed back a few feet.

At that point his friends piled in to stop him and a group of lads from the taxi rank jumped in to my defence. I wasn’t sure who was who and I didn’t feel like this was my fight in any case. I was effectively alone and there were over 10 guys now getting involved and I had my wife who I needed to keep safe as well.

I managed to back out of the sea of bodies and walked to my wife, just a few feet away. I told her we were leaving. She was in shock, rooted to the spot. I got her moving and we walked away while the mass brawl ensued. I was surprised and relieved no one followed. We took shelter at a club door across the road where the bouncers radioed the trouble in as the initial group had now targeted some other guys further along the road. Bouncers radioed it in and the CCTV operators said someone within the group had a knife so it was a good job we left when we did.

Just wanted to say thanks to you all for the training and it was good to see the training kicked in.

If I had to do anything differently I would probably have given the groin kick a bit more power and next time I’ll have my hands up from an earlier stage… Hopefully there won’t be a next time but it just goes to show that trouble can come for you at any time even if you are not looking for it.

Thanks again to Krav Maga Spartans who have sharpened my reflex responses which created the space for me to extract and make it home safely with my wife.

Looking forward to lots more training.

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