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Krav Maga coming to Durham

As a Spartans Krav Maga instructor I am proud of our team and the exciting new direction we are taken with Krav Maga United Kingdom.

My background originally was in traditional martial arts which I really enjoyed but I was looking for something that was more real world practical, would adapt and was quick to learn.

In 2008 I found Krav Maga and dipped my toe into this world with a two hour seminar held by our chief instructor Gheorge Husar. After a tough first hour I knew this was exactly was I looking for, no BS just the truth about what could work in self-defence and what would not. From this I signed up and have never regretted it.

Since this time I have been lucky to be part of the Spartans family, this is not just a word used but an actual community.  From the instructors to the students we all work to benefit each other. There are no Egos at our clubs.

Since joining the Krav Maga world my fitness level has increased from being just average to running half marathons for fun and it’s helped me lose weight. Krav Maga is suitable for anyone, you don’t need to be mega fit, flexible, young or a previous martial artist as Krav is quick to learn and over the two hours of each class we integrate cardio into the routines. We do not have you running, doing press-ups etc for half an hour as this is half an hour lost in which you could be learning. You are paying us to teach you Krav not a two hour fitness only session. For me my fitness level has increased considerably along with my confidence since starting Krav Maga. On average you can lose up to 800 calories per hour.

At our clubs we do not just work on the physical aspect of self-defence though but on the mental side as well, it’s tough but we want our students to be ready for what they may encounter in the real world.

At Spartans we put teaching above profit, we do grading’s if students want to do them but they are not compulsory, we hold weekend seminars at no additional cost (This depends if a guest instructor is holding the event though) which can cover a range of subjects and be held in some fun locations. This year’s beach seminar was really fun, even the traditional British weather couldn’t dampen the enthusiasm of all who attended, again at no additional cost for students. Above all we want people to be safe and learn true Krav Maga from the original sources. With this we work with Itay Gil from Protect Israel. Itay is an ex Israeli special forces member who we have joined with to improve ourselves and the Krav community. I have been lucky to attend a seminar with Itay this year and am really looking forward to the future working with Protect.

From 2016 I will be opening up the first Spartans Class in Durham. I am really looking forward to this expansion of the club and bringing our Krav Maga to this city and introducing this excellent self-defence system to its people and expanding the Spartans Family.

See you in 2016!

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