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Krav Maga in Washington

Although I never went looking for it I have experienced violence on a few occasions. Unfortunately my previous (and extensive) martial arts experience was found wanting. These past experiences an impending fatherhood had focused my desire to learn a truly effective self defence system. This is how I found Krav Maga.

The people who attend the Washington class often attend for similar reasons. They want answers, they want the skills, and they want them now. They haven’t got the time or the patience to study for many years in order to come proficient and that is the beauty of what we teach.

Each class typically starts with a warm up. This usually involves some sort of game aimed to focus the mind as well as the body. After we have warmed up we will stretch before getting down to the Krav Maga. Each class will be based around a real world scenario. We will break the scenario down into key points and learn to deal with each one. We will run through the scenario a number of times, changing the ingredients as we go (introducing weapons, multiple attackers, etc.) until we feel we can deal with the situation. We encourage dialog throughout the class. It helps us assess the techniques, tweak them if they are not quite working for the individual or look for an alternative.

The training is challenging both physically and mentally. Bruises and the odd scratch are common place. This is because the training is realistic. We have a responsibility to our students to teach solutions for the violence that they may one day face. That is why we have dispensed with techniques which do not make the grade. Our recent partnership with Itay Gil has focused our aim to teach the most effective form of Krav Maga.

The Washington class along with the other Spartans class prides itself with its friendly, welcoming atmosphere. All we ask is you give 100% and never give up, that is the Spartan way.

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