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Krav Maga Leeds and Sheffield

What excellent Krav Maga classes in Sheffield and Leeds this week!

A once per week two hour class with us can be a lot to handle but this week our students of Krav Maga Leeds and Sheffield managed to find the energy for two – really great effort form everyone.

For those who don’t know our Instructors and some of our students are going to train in Israel, with Itay Gil, from the 15th to the 22nd December so our Krav Maga Instructors have put on extra classes this week to make up for those cancelled due to this training trip.

So what did the Students get up to this week, a bit of CQC (Close Quarter Combat) – yes – a chance to see if you’ve got those Krav Maga, hand to hand combat skills ready for if you really need them in real life (we hope you don’t – ever).  Close Quarter Combat tests your: decision making, quick thinking, problem solving, and self-defence skills.

Sheff 2 cropWe welcome trials and new members into each of our classes every week, as you can see from the photo it does get busy.  We would like you to know that the maximum number of students per Instructor is 15 and in a class like this we have two experienced Krav maga Instructors on hand to make sure each individual has time with an Instructor for corrections and in order to progress as quickly as they can.

Thinking about starting a new hobby?  Why not try Krav Maga, it’s quick and easy to learn and it’s a skill that will serve you well all your life… plus it’s FREE.

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