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Spartans Academy Against Bullying

We have started a new Social Media Campaign #TestimonialTuesday, every Tuesday we will present followers on Facebook and Twitter with a testimonial written by one of our students or clients (schools, charities, etc.) accompanied by a photo of that student or #KravMaga seminar with that client.
As it was Anti Bullying Week, our first testimonial was based on the communication and true story of one of our Students:

krav-maga-uk-2Jamie is learning Krav Maga with our academy due to the horrendous bullying Jamie is and has been enduring at school.  This includes: physical, psychological, and cyber bullying that’s getting so bad the police are now involved.  With Jamie’s parents at their wits end, Jamie’s mother contacted us hoping learning self-defence would improve Jamie’s shattered self-confidence.

We were more than happy to help Jamie out; we can’t stand bullying or bullies! We are teaching Jamie the foundations of Krav maga: how to defend against kicks and punches.  Jamie has been learning release from head locks and hair grabs and how to prevent being put in these situations in the first place.

Jamie’s Mother said: “Thank you so much for arranging our trial lesson today. It was absolutely amazing! We’d love to become members. Our instructor was so welcoming and friendly; this really put us both at ease. I’m so grateful for the time he spent with Jamie; this will definitely increase Jamie’s confidence with dealing with the ongoing bullying issues. Thanks again, we both feel really positive about this and look forward to our next lesson.”

krav-maga-uk-1A week later both involved are still feeling positive: “I can’t stress how much of a positive impact that Krav Maga will have for both myself and Jamie so thank you for all of your assistance, I am truly grateful.”

PLEASE NOTE we do not condone violence against bullies.  We teach victims of bullying to defend so that they can get out of the situation and run away as unharmed as possible.

The names of those involved have been changed and the photo is not of the student as this is an ongoing situation and one that we do not want to make worse.

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