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What makes a good Krav Maga instructor

What makes a good Krav Maga instructor:  An Army background or maybe Martial Arts background?

So where do we start… the basics, let’s start on the basics, we look at three different students looking to become Krav Maga Instructors: Military background, Martial Arts background and a Student who had no previous experience. Let’s take a closer look…

Military background: He practised lots of variations of Martial Arts while in the Military to overcome his attacker, one on one, to overcome and kill.

Martial Arts background: Great skills. He is looking for a win – looking to take his attacker to the ground to gain, “an advantage”. I mention win as it’s a sport!!!

Krav Maga Student (no previous experience prior to starting Krav): Trained to look for the easiest and quickest way to conclude the fight, whether that is using the body and his skills, common objects, and situation awareness.


We started one attacker with several friends looking on. Let’s see how they got on… (it was interesting to see how they dealt with and attacker, with his friends ready to aid.)

Military Guy: Main attacker was dealt with, good self defence skills, he did look for his weapon to finish the attack… however no weapon, he did get stabbed several times by the attackers friends, possibly fatal…multiple attackers are always, as serious a threat as the main attacker, would you aid your friend? Of course you would, being trained in multiple attackers is vital in surviving a vast majority of attacks.

Martial Arts (MA) Guy: Lots of kicks and heavy punches dealt with the main target; however a headlock (from the side) from attacker’s friend ended up with the attacker’s friend bringing the MA guy to the ground. Great, he has the skills to deal with this, however multiple stabs from the attackers second friend ended with death of the MA Guy. We try to make it as real as possible and it was interesting to see the end result.  Did a sport overcome multiple attackers, nearly but nearly is never enough on the street.

Krav maga Student: The main attacker was kept at a distance with a range of kicks, his friends moved in for the kill. However, the Krav student used his awareness to deal with the main attacker and used him as a shield against the other to attackers, he kept them in a single line and inflicted pain on the main attacker to deter further attacks from his friends, this was just one example of how to deal with a real life threat.

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