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Spartans Academy of Krav Maga has in recent months partnered with Protect, the leading Israeli security solutions specialist founded and led by former YAMAM close quarter combat chief instructor and commander, Prof. Itay Gil.

The global credentials of Protect and Prof. Itay Gil are undeniable. YAMAM is the Israeli Police’s counter-terror warfare and hostage rescue unit, widely regarded as the leading Special Forces operatives in the world. Prof. Gil’s former experience and current consultancy services to the unit has provided decades of battle-tested Krav Maga and intelligence into criminal and terrorist behaviours.

Day 6 10Protect delivers Krav Maga close quarter combat and protection training, security solutions and consultancy services to law enforcement and intelligence agencies, military special forces, up to Head of State level VIP protection and corporate and public organisations worldwide.

Our partnership has included mentoring and training on a group/one-on-one basis directly with Prof. Itay Gil both in the UK and Israel. Our relationship has enabled us to evolve our Krav Maga thinking, techniques and tactics to a new and different level.

This partnership has developed a self defence system for our network Krav Maga United Kingdom which is significantly improved from the teaching and training of the many national or international federations such as IKMF, KMG, KMC and others.

How is our self defence system evolved to optimise success and not rely on defences limiting the possibility to remain unharmed and safe?

4Our partnership with Protect delivers Krav Maga solutions that are:-

– Based on reality as battle-tested by Israeli Special Forces in daily overt and covert operations involving trained terrorists, organised crime and response-management of violent incidents. It is NOT based on an artificial classroom or dojo based testing environment.

– Based on continued scientific laboratory testing of solutions using full-on aggressive attack scenarios analysed by statistical insight and video recordings to identify optimised action and reaction. It is NOT based on less than optimal aggression checked unscientifically in a classroom environment.

– Based on decades of observation of criminal psychology which is transferred into a dynamic, theatrical approach to presenting scenarios to the student involving (safe) physical and verbal abuse, intimidation and bullying to replicate the possible actual situation of violence and prepare the student’s mind to focus on the important part of the attack or threat. It is NOT based on silent, one-dimensional only scenarios where the defender is allowed to focus on techniques and tactics without taking into account the psychological impact of violent behaviour.

– Based on a bio mechanical understanding of violent attacks or threats in respect of both aggressor and defender in terms of movement, angles and repetition of attacks. This delivers a very explosive and dynamic response in defences to minimise damage and neutralise threats aggressively. It is NOT based on static, same-angle repeated attack scenarios lacking the understanding of the criminal psyche and human biomechanics.

krav-maga-different– Based on active defender stealth and camouflage behaviours in weapon scenarios to disguise intent and ability and instil a false sense of superiority and lack of alertness in the aggressor to our defence responses. This prepares the student to act behaviour in a trained manner whilst focusing in execution of technique. It is NOT based on allowing the student to meet such scenarios facing a dual challenge; handling both own self and the threat.

– Based on controlled, but as close to reality weapon tools; real firearms with non-lethal ammunition (Israel) or metal firearms (UK), specially designed knives and batons. This allows the feel, sound and fear associated with an actual attack to be accustomed. It is NOT based on exclusively bendable, rubberised weapons used without any experience of reality.

Through our partnership with Protect, we have compared through testing our learning from other organisations such as IKMF, KMG and KMC.  When tested and compared, we realise great difference between many techniques and training approaches between the two.

We are privileged to have this comparison and it is our responsibility to teach reality to optimise success, not defences limiting the possibility for safe outcomes. This is why Spartans Academy of Krav Maga and Krav Maga United Kingdom bring a new and reality-based dimension to Krav Maga in the UK.

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