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Crime in Britain Today: Krav Maga and You

Many of us will be familiar with the annual Crime Survey for England and Wales released to show figures and trends of overall and categorised crime. You may be aware that the latest survey from July 2015 showed an overall reduction in crime of 7% to 6.8m incidents on adults (aged 16 and over) compared to the year before.

Although, from a perspective of a person concerned with how to protect and defend themselves, family/friends and property, the reduction appear to be a welcome development on a superficial level, however the more deeply analysed figures contain some less promising trending:-

– Violence against person offences were up by 23% (although some of this is attributed to new recording practices).

– Knife or sharp instrument assaults on persons were up 13% and overall weapons possession crime was up 10%. This increase was deemed to be unaffected by recording practices.

– Sexual assaults were up a massive 37% and the highest since the survey began (although some of this is thought to be related to a greater willingness to come forward on such crimes).

– Domestic burglary showed no reduction at all.

– In contrast to the survey, Police recorded crime rose overall by 3% to over 3.8 millions crimes; contradicting the more positive development in the crime survey.

– Not included in the survey, but becoming more aware in the popular psyche is terrorism attacks on individuals or collectives of people evident both in the UK and abroad such as active shooter or suicide bomber scenarios.

If you are interested in understanding crime more in your area, just go to the website for a crime map for your neighbourhood. My personal area showed for example that during the preceding 12 rolling months a staggering 350+ violence and sexual offences, 350+ anti-social behaviour incidents, 250+ burglaries, 180 vehicle crimes and 25 robberies took place. (I’m less pleased to report that one of the vehicle crimes was against my own vehicle).

Why is this of interest to us? Because crime is real. It happens to you and me. (Although I was fortunate enough that it was a property crime rather than a person crime).

This is why I advocate that every man, woman and young person should study and train in Krav Maga, the most effective close quarter combat and protection system ever created.

Life has no guarantees and crime is inflicted upon us by chance and circumstance, we mostly do not choose it ourselves. The most precious thing we own are our life, limbs and health – and that of our loved ones. We take out expensive life insurances to protect us against death and injury, pay extra for car safety features in our vehicles to buy security and install home safety devices to alert and deter dangerous and unwelcome visits.

All these measures are seen as sensible and worthwhile investments – which they are.

Isn’t it also time we invested in our own capability and capacity to protect ourselves if crime comes to call on us?

This is where Krav Maga offers the techniques, tactics and thinking on how to avoid, deescalate and – as a final resort – neutralise threats or actual violence of a criminal or terrorist nature. Krav Maga will teach the practitioner to become situationally aware, confident in mind and able in body to deal with the shock and stress of perceived or actual violence, by single or multiple attackers, armed or unarmed. Originated in Israel as a close quarter combat system for the military defence forces, it is now a rapidly growing system worldwide used by civilians as much as military forces and law enforcement agencies.

Our Krav Maga in Spartans Academy of Krav Maga is developed in partnership with Protect, the leading Israeli security solutions specialist led by Prof. Itay Gil, current consultant and former chief instructor and captain of the YAMAM, the Israeli special forces counter-terror warfare and hostage rescue unit. Our training is solely based on decades of experience dealing with criminals and terrorists in real life in one of the most dangerous regions of the world over the last half a century and more.

Where can you get more realistic training? Not in the gym lifting weights or on the treadmill. Not in martial arts which are fitness or sport orientated. Not in exercise classes which may imitate punching and striking but has no reality-basis.

Join the many people who are finding Krav Maga as the solution to dealing with school bullying, domestic violence, and general home, work or leisure security to fear of growing terrorism incidences.

We welcome anyone regardless or gender, age or physical ability to train to gain the confidence, fitness and skill to help them protect themselves and their family and friends from crime and terrorism.

Make 2016 your year of protecting yourself and your family.

Orjan Pettersen

Stay safe

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