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How to find a good Krav Maga School

Why is it important to verify the authenticity of your Krav Maga instructor?

Before becoming a member of any Krav Maga club it is important to follow these stages:

1) Read the biography of the Instructor who will run the classes also of the leaders of the organisation. Verify their qualifications (these qualifications are given and kept in display picture diploma / certificate format acquired on completion of the course). If not posted on to their website already you do have the right to ask to see proof of the qualifications they claim to have.

2) Have a FREE trial with every Krav Maga club in your area

3) If the group is larger than 14 people there should be two instructors (in the class) to ensure the quality of training for each student in the group, if there are not two instructors avoid that class because you will not receive corrections and quality time with the instructor in every class you pay for (it physically isn’t possible to teach that many people in an hour/hour and a half).

Why do we recommend these stages and consider them important? Because your safety is important!

Krav Maga is becoming increasingly popular due to the efficiency and simplicity of the self-defence system. So it is normal to have a lot of people becoming an instructor, many of them: without an understanding of the principles of this system, with a poor knowledge comprising of techniques that endanger the life and physical integrity of the practitioner (if he had to use these techniques in a real life situation). They do not put the student first, but the money from the student. What is more disappointing is that many of these instructors are part of Krav Maga federations and associations (which is why we are telling you to check the individual instructor’s qualifications and gain proof of his/her claims).

Further warning signs of those who put money before their students:

1. Left an official Krav Maga Federation and suddenly names himself an Expert
2. Ceases his own training (worst case scenario adds techniques he’s seen on YouTube into his Krav Maga syllabus – dilutes KM and makes it dangerous for the practitioner).
3. AVOID Krav Maga Associations that provide short Instructor courses, and look solely to expand their Association very quickly by creating instructors out of people with no prior experience or knowledge in Krav Maga.
4. Instructors with a lack of experience and limited Krav Maga knowledge: he will start to introduce into the student training programme: combat elements, boot camp fitness, and drills from his previous experience (military or other martial arts). So Krav Maga at this point has been diluted and who suffers? The practitioner.
5. AVOID Krav Maga classes that provide drills like this: Now dear reader THIS IS NOT Krav Maga. This will knock people’s confidence, your instructor is supposed to be helping you to build your confidence.
6. An Instructor/Association that provides specialist courses but does not possess the skills themselves to teach these courses. Let us explain further: The Association will name an instructor who served several years in the military or police force as a Krav Maga Military or Law Enforcement Instructor. This Instructor will then be responsible for running this course and qualifying others under his Associations name. Did you know that Krav Maga is not part of military or police officers training?

All of the above (points 1. to 6.) are threatening the lives of people whose main objective is to learn Krav Maga and how to defend themselves, as a complete beginner you do not know about Krav Maga and there are Associations and Instructors out there who will take advantage of this. We advise research twice, learn once.

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