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Our Students can use Krav Maga

Please read this REAL account of how OUR students CAN use KRAV MAGA if they have to:

George, I just wanted to message you. Last night, I was out with a mate and I got started on in the toilets in a bar in London. I calmed the situation down and was able to get out without anything happening.

Unfortunately, as we left the pub the same blokes started on us again. This time it wasn’t just pushing and shoving. As I knew this situation wasn’t going to stay calm, I adopted the fighting stance from the torso up – I had my arms out in front of me trying to calm the situation down.

One of the guys started throwing a punch – and I started blocking it as soon as I saw his right shoulder move. (Something I would NEVER have seen before training in Krav). I didn’t immediately counter as I still didn’t want to hurt this guy, but then he tried to get me in a headlock and I remembered a session where we were using our thumbs to force the other guy to the ground. I did this with my free left hand and the guy was on the floor instantly. After a quick check behind to see what his mate was up to, I returned to him, I pinned him down until he calmed down enough to for me to be able to extract myself. I then separated my friend and his mate (who calmed down really quickly after seeing his friend hit the floor in seconds). WE then WALKED AWAY.

I was subsequently arrested and spent the night in jail. Unfortunately the officers at the time thought it was all my fault because I was there without a scratch and the “victim” was the worse off (significantly). I’ve since been released without charge based on witness accounts that everything I did was fair and in proportion to the threat I faced. No further action is to be taken as it is being viewed as self defence.

I just wanted to drop you a line to say firstly a big thank you for the GREAT tuition, and secondly to say that KRAV MAGA really does work when your back is against the wall. This situation could have been a million times worse!

Thank you to our student for letting us use this story. We are exceptionally proud to have students like you attending our academy.

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